Cotton fabric(s) for active wear

I like to make my own active wear using a comfortable & flexible cotton fabric(s).  I have a debilitated autoimmune disease where my skin is sensitive to regular tight fitting sport & active wear like Lulu Lemon, Nike or other major brands. It actually hurt and cause uncomfortness during a workout.  I love cotton clothing that are breathable and flexible enough for my very active life.  Please advice, thank you.

By: Bridget

One Response to “Cotton fabric(s) for active wear”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Bidget,
    Cotton jersey knit is probably your best bet. You might try rayon though or bamboo. Remembser to find a jersey knit it will have a stretch to it and make sure it is 100%. Most blends will have lycra or poly in them. Coton won’t have the recovery that spandex has but at least you will feel more comfortable in it.
    Hope that helps.