Cotton vs Silk – in Velvet?

What advantages and disadvantages – in wear and appearance of men’s jackets – does silk velvet have in comparison to cotton velvet? Is it possible to discuss the characteristics of silk velvet without first identifying any amount of rayon added – I have read that often rayon is added in the production of silk velvet to reduce the price of the finished cloth – presumably rayon is cheaper than silk?

By: Peter O’Connor

One Response to “Cotton vs Silk – in Velvet?”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Peter,
    yes, rayon is cheaper than silk. The reason is rayon is more easily reproduced than silk. Silk and rayon velvet are comperable in feel and drape and cotton is not. A good quality cotton velvet is one that has a high thread count but it is going to be stiffer and duller in apearance than silk or rayon. By feel and by eye the velvet is very plush and thick and it is hard to see through the fibers to the base of the material. As far as wear and tear cotton velvet is going to stand up to more of a beating than silk but silk and rayon are going to look and feel much more rich and luxurious. Hope that helps.