Fabrics that don’t get wet, but let water through?

Here’s an odd one for you.

I’m looking for a fabric that doesn’t absorb water, but does allow it to pass through to the other side. My first thought was that some kind of mesh might be able to do it, but it needs to be wearable, so I can’t just use the stuff I find at the hardware store that’s meant for windows or screen doors.

Any ideas?

(PS. Bonus points if it’s also comfortable and strong!)

By: Dalton

One Response to “Fabrics that don’t get wet, but let water through?”

  1. Judith says:

    If you change the word “fabric” to “fiber” this question will be easier to answer. Fibers like linen are hollow and absorb water. Fibers like polyester are not hollow and do not absorb water. Quick answer is polyester and other solid fibers. Long answer is polyester in an open weave which means the fiber AND the weave don’t absorb water..

    Hope this helps!