Help Tracking Down Discontinued Fabrics?

I have a 100% polyester gabardine fabric which has been referred to as ‘LL Bean gabardine’ which was purchased from a company that sells over-runs or discontinued items. I need to find a reliable source to continually purchase more of this fabric but do not know how to further identify this fabric in order to compare it to other polyester gabardines. I have ordered other samples, but they are not the same at all. ¬†Should I weigh a known size of the fabric to compare densities, or should I try to count the picks per inch using a microscope?

Thanks very much. Michelle

By: Michelle

One Response to “Help Tracking Down Discontinued Fabrics?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Go back to the company that sells the discontinued or over-runs and find out how to contact the company they purchased from. Your best lead is where the fabric originated. Counting the threads per square inch doesn’t reveal anything other than the picks per square inch of the L.L. Bean gabardine. If you can find the company that maneufactured the gabardine originally you will have more clues and possibly a supplier.

    Good luck!