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I need anti microbial fabric for stuffed animals

Hello.   I currently am starting a new company and we make little stuffed animals for childrens hospitals. So far, hospitals love them. Last week one of my main cutomers asked if I can make them anti-microbial?  It is a new hospital policy. This means I need to find anti-microbial fabric or some type of treatment I can use to make my fabrics anti-microbial. I currently am using fleece.   Can you help?   Lisa Brez   By: Lisa

Fabric type?

I have a fabric I purchased a while ago and now need to find out what kind of fabric it is so that I can get more of it. I’ve been told its lame, but when I search lame I find them made from different materials. I’m needing to find it with a four way stretch in a shiny silver. I have a sample of it and would like to find someone in the Phoenix area I can take it to to find out more about it and where I can purchase it. By: Amy Putman

Types of Cotton Sheets?

I’m trying to buy really soft cotton sheets and the seller can’t answer my questions. Sheets are often noted as pima cotton, supima cotton, Egyptian cotton, and sateen.  Completely aside from thread count (which indicates quaility but not necessarily softness).  Which cotton fabric is the softest weave? thanks, Jodi By: Jodi Benson

Fabric from recycled coffee grounds?

I would like to know details of recyled coffee ground fabric. Thank you ! By: Slowly Yu

Fabric Detail?

Please give me the weaving particulares & important properties of following fabrics: 1. Cambric 2. Denim 3. Voiles 4. Towelling By: narendra

Vintage fabric?

Hi, I was given some fabric from this mans mom who was 93 and selling her house to move in with one of her sons because she was getting too elderly to live by herself. I got a lot of vintage style fabrics. One of them is a whole bolt with a company I haven’t heard of and when researched, found out the company was old and all fabrics were vintage. How do I tell if any other of them is without the name on them? By: Kimberly Nguyen

Herman Miller fabric – Help!

I just want to know if you guys can help me find a herman miller fabric that I cannot find, the name is;wickendon trumpet vine (5K08). I really need it and I cannot find it anywhere. By: Jorge