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Soft shirts and polos

I’m starting a clothing brand line soon and I want to know which types of cotton would be best for producing super soft and comfortable t-shirts and for soft, yet durable polos? I know some companies use Pima cotton and some companies soften merchandise even more by salt-washing them or using enzymes– would you recommend this? By: alexander

Fabric sourcing?

I’m looking for fabrics to make casual shirts.  I like the fabric of some casual shirts sold by Superdry and Abercrombie and Fitch.  How do i found out what the material is (composition, pattern etc) and source similar? By: Stephen

Recommended Fabric?

Hi, I want to make a good quality pair of leggings and was wondering which fabric will be best for this:  Quick dry, strecthy and tight and does not loose quality, washable and still maintain quality after lots of washes, comfortable and breathable, flattering. Thank you in advance By: Lee Ephson

Best cotton /fabric for expensive dress shirt

Hello, my name is Henry and I’m searching for the very best fabric to make expensive  men’s / womens dress shirts.  I’m starting a clothing line and have been challeged to design and make a “high-end ” dress shirt.  I know cotten is the normal material, but they have so many types.  So could you please assist me with this search…Thank you.  By: Henry Hammond Jr

Where can i find a bleach resistant cotton drill material?

Hi, I’m on the absolute hunt for a cotton drill fabric that has been pre dipped in a non reactive dye, to make the fabric bleach resistant. I’m aware that companies do this for towel companies to make towels bleach resistant. Does anyone know where I could get fabric that has already been treated and then made into cotton drill? Any help would be amazing By: donna

More of Kirsten Longly’s Original Designs!

Hi all, This  Portland Fashion Week Video is for my entry into Portland Fashion Week Emerging Designers Competition.  It will be seen by the judges along with my portfolio.  It will then be up to them to decided who gets in.  Keep your fingers crossed and I will let you know. More information on Portland Fashion Week Kirsten Kirsten@fabrics.net    

How To Remove Sizing?

I purchased some aprons in heavy cotton from Michael’s.  Even after several washings it is still really stiff.  Any suggestions to remove/soften the cotton? By: Nancy