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Archive for the ‘Vintage Fabrics’ Category

Underground Railroad Quilt Code on a Statue of Frederick Douglass

So how did the underground railroad quilt code end up on a statue of Frederick Douglass?  Column by Leigh Fellner Noted quilter, lecturer, writer and researcher Leigh Fellner presents an overview of a controversy which has evolved in the past eight years involving assertions that coded quilts were used to help escaping African-American slaves prior to the Civil War. For those not familiar with the myth or who wan…

Wrights – Memories of an American Institution

By the time this is in print, a Warren MA landmark will have been shuttered, no longer a favorite gathering place for lovers of Wrights notions to be smothered in aisles of laces, trims, ribbons and other sundry items. The Wright’s mill outlet store, founded in the early 1930s is now a victim of the high cost of overhead, taxes, overseas production and waning interest in sewing. It has been my good fortune to…

Any Rondo Prints in Your Quilt?

Most quilts contain a multitude of prints, the smaller designs more often called callicoes. Quilters find that one of the joys of owning a quilt is trying to date its fabrics as well as learn which mill or company might have produced them. Shown here are a selection of Rondo prints, a house name for fabrics offered by J.C. Penny. They appear chronologically from 1942-60 but unfortunately are not year specific. As R…

Any E&W Prints in Your Quilt?

Ely & Walker was a dry goods merchant and distributor of many fine lines of fabrics including cotton, wool, silk, rayon, and silk and knitted goods. Started in 1870 the firm was acquired by Burlington Industries and listed as E&W Division from 1960-80s when production ceased. Two of its most well-known lines were Quadriga Cloth and Quaker Chintz prints acquired in 1911 from the Quadriga Cloth Co. Note that …

Any Powder Puffs or DayLee in Your Quilts?

From the Marshall Field 1937 collection here are a selection of prints made from top quality, highest-count muslins which are lightweight yet suitable for quilts Powder Puff Muslin Dumari Textile Co. was noted for its starchless Powder Puff muslin, popular during the 1930s-50s. The advent of starchless processes during the 1930s replaced starch to give fabrics a soft crisp to crisp finish. Usually these finishes, p…

Is There a Silver Moon in Your Quilt?

Cover of Silver Moon sample book which J.C. Penney distributed to its store buyers for spring selections. Sales pitch on last page of sample book. This was intended for store managers to send to their buyers. J.C Penney described its Silver Moon line as a superlative fabric of true excellence when it introduced it to its 1,200 store buyers in the fall of 1939. The range was impressive from 100 smart small to larg…

A Celebration of Joan Kiplinger 1933 – 2009

This is the evolution of our Vintage Fabric Expert. Joan Carol Reed Kiplinger was a 1955 graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and history. She first worked in corporate communications with Blue Cross of Northeast Ohio then was the office manager for the Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District, retiring in 1998. But above all, Joan loved fabrics and research. As he…

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