Lunch bag material?


I am trying to make washable insulated lunch bags for a fundraiser. I have looked into maybe trying neoprene but it seems like it is a difficult material to work with.

Any recommendation.

By: Anila

One Response to “Lunch bag material?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Anila,
    Neoprene would work for lunch bags and it isn’t too difficult to work with. Just set the stitch longer than you would for a quilting cotton and don’t worry about finishing the seams. Square cornders are easier for me to turn rather than curved corners but your experience may vary. No need to press.

    Remember that the seams are not waterproof unless you use a specialty seam finish that is painted on. Any time pins are used, be sure that the holes the pins make are covered or “mended”.

    Hope this helps a little!