Napkin fabric for screen printing?



What type of fabric do you suggest for napkins?  Not just fiber, but weave also?  I may want to print or silkscreen on them.  I prefer an all natural fiber and would even prefer organic or sustainable fibers.

Do you know of some resources for wholesale bolt/roll organic fabric?  Or could you point me in a direction to look-besides google-which I have done.


By: Cathi Tristani

One Response to “Napkin fabric for screen printing?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Cathi,

    As with any fabric choice, napkin fabric is a personal decision. If you want a no-iron fabric, select a fabric that is a blend or 100% polyester. For a more absorbant fabric, choose a 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and another fabric. Linen will give a more formal look and feel for napkins and is absorbant and also longer lasting.

    There are no certification rules for organic fabric, some fabrics labeled “organic” may not be truly organic. Check the definition of organic to determine a true organic fabric.

    Printing or silk screening may require a specific fiber content to make sure the print or silk screen is permanent.

    Personally, I would prefer a cotton or even hemp or linen for a napkin.

    Hope this helps!