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Origin of lace fabric?

16 years ago my daughter got married and my gown was made of the most beautiful pale green lace fabric with raised flowers and crystals. The couturiere is no longer in business and all efforts to contact her have failed. I have recently had the gown remodelled and love the fabric as much now as then. It is timeless and has withstood age with excellence. I have consulted the paper work issued by her at the time of purchase but found nothing. Purely out of interest I would like to know the origin of the fabric, I think Italy but would like to research and know for sure. I have no idea how to go about this research project. Please help me. By: Fiona Cohen

Around the World One Fabric Store At A Time!

Image via Flickr Although I prefer to shop online for anything and everything, I thought a tour of fabric stores might be fun. Translating fabric terms may be an added challenge when visiting online fabric shops around the world as Sewaholic discovered:  I say muslin, you say toile… | Sewaholic http://sewaholic.netWed, 03 Apr 2013 13:00:07 GMT I went to a local fabric store to ask for some muslin and sure enough, what they showed me was a light weight, gauzy kind of cloth. After some discussion I learn’t that “muslin” in the US is more like NZ/Australian calico, so now … There are countries where finding local fabric stores isn’t easy!    Stoffmarkt Holland in Frankfurt: a Fabric Market in Germany http://zuhauseingermany.blogspot.comMon, 28 Sep 2009 08:13:00 GMT 2) There really aren’t any good shops in Germany to buy fabric. You can find some things in Karstadt department stores “if you’re lucky”, but it’s not likely. Plan on buying your fabric online unless you come to the fabric markt.   And now on to Switzerland and SewChic’s experience:  SewChic: Fabric Stores in Switzerland http://sewchic.blogspot.comWed, 22 Sep 2010 17:23:00 GMT I am back! My 3 week visit to Switzerland was oh-so-wonderful, but it’s good to be home! I found several fabric stores in Switzerland, but truthfully, I could not afford to buy much. (Along with the Alps, prices are STEEP in … Image via Flickr   Online shopping is so convenient but the instant gratification of touching and feeling the fabric doesn’t happen.  Most online fabric stores have swatching services but that takes time.  I used to LOVE spending time in fabric stores, dreaming and designing.  Sertyan goes into more detail: Sertyan’s Sewing Corner: Spotlight & Lincraft, Australia http://sertyan.blogspot.comFri, 08 Jun 2012 03:48:00 GMT I finally get to touch and feel fabrics like gabardine and crepe for myself as Malaysian stores do not label the fabrics properly so it’s all guesswork on the fiber content of the fabrics. Spotlight was having a 3 day Big Brand Sale … If you have a favorite fabric store that has an online store too, please send me the web site. Enjoy! Judith

Reusable Shoe cover

Hi, I want to create shoe cover from a fabric which can be washable, strechable and of course not so costly as the end product (shoe cover) can be sold only at reasonable prices. Printing some kind of logos or names or floral prints should also be possible on that fabric. Can you suggest me what kind of  fabrics would be most suitable ?   Regards Pushkaraj By: Pushkaraj

Are espadrilles a trend? Other Shoe News. . .

Image via Flickr Does comfort drive your choice of shoe styles?  Did you know that experts recommend not wearing the same pair of shoes day after day.  Research has shown that the foot can conform to the shoe rather than the shoe forming to the foot.   Spring Summer 2013 Shoe Trends « Fashion Allure: Latest Trends … http://fashion-allure.comTue, 30 Apr 2013 11:01:53 GMT Check out some of the newest, most wearable footwear trends and the most gorgeous summer 2013 shoe styles. Ready to bring out your playful side?   Just as I thought, espadrilles have been around forever so aren’t they considered a staple in our closets? – Fair-weather friendly – The Journal Gazette   When is the trend of the very high heeled shoes going to stop?Celebrity Stylists Talk Fall Shoe Trends – Women’s Wear Daily Women’s Wear DailyCelebrity Stylists Talk Fall Shoe TrendsWomen’s Wear DailyThe Meatpacking District is so not heel-friendly. Flat boots will be everywhere because they are a way to be edgy and they cover a lot of fashion mileage. Menswear-inspired h …   And now a contest and a shoe that transforms with just a zip:  Zipz Shoes Giveaway | Fashion Trends Online http://www.fashiontrendsonline.infoMon, 22 Apr 2013 15:07:36 GMT Are you looking for fun, cool, and unique shoes? You should check out Zipz Shoes! Zipz Shoes is the first and only fully interchangeable and removable shoe system in the world. Just simply zip on a different cover and … Enjoy!  By the way, if you win the shoe contest, please let us know! Judith

Which Summer Trend for 2013 Will You Add to Your Personal Style?

Image via Flickr Although most of us don’t strictly adhere to whatever is trending for each season and year, there are nice styles you may want to adapt to your personal style. Want in on Spring 2013’s Watercolor Trend? – Cosmopolitan (blog) Cosmopolitan (blog)Want in on Spring 2013’s Watercolor Trend?Cosmopolitan (blog)We saw this trend everywhere on the runway at 2013’s spring/summer fashion shows, like Michael Kors, Sachin + Babi, Naeem Khan, and Vera Wang. It was literally a sea of b …   I like the watercolor prints so I will Pin one or two of these pictures to my style board on Pinterest.  Watercolor prints aren’t available every year so when they are, I want one!   Several months ago we talked about the designers and runway fashions for 2013 which included stripes:   Stripes: Spring/Summer Fashion Trend 2013 – StyleBistro Stripes: Spring/Summer Fashion Trend 2013StyleBistroStripes are back with a bang! This season, striped pattern is dominating other prints with its classy appeal and undeniably elegance. Stripe print is perfect representation of timeless glamor and mo … Orene Kearn, certified Image and Wardrobe Consultant has more:  7 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends | beauty inforum | for a … http://www.beautyinforum.comThu, 25 Apr 2013 17:13:08 GMT Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner so now is the time to go shopping for some seasonal inspirations. Here are seven spring and summer fashion trends to excite your closet. Enjoy! Judith

Do You Have a Personal Style? Do You Want One?

Image via Flickr         I have been having fun reading the many, many articles available this spring on personal style.  Here are just a few: Wardrobe Oxygen: My Personal Style Journey – Spring 2013 http://www.wardrobeoxygen.comSat, 27 Apr 2013 15:00:00 GMT My Personal Style Journey – Spring 2013. There’s this place between creativity and quality where I always get stuck. I used to have a very simple, minimal wardrobe based upon my list of wardrobe staples. It worked, I always … Maybe you would enjoy a Boho Chic personal style: Personal Style 101: Boho Chic – Glam http://blogs.glam.comMon, 29 Apr 2013 13:00:00 GMT With a few wardrobe staples and some easy to follow tips, you will be the most stylish boho chic girl around. And finally, from Lifehack: Finding Your Personal Style, Lesson #2: Changing Your Style, One … http://www.lifehack.orgWed, 24 Apr 2013 21:00:04 GMT The world is a beautiful, turbulent, crazy, tough, immaculate thing of whose story you are an important part. It’s a jungle out there — dress accordingly! Enjoy! Judith

Classic or Vintage?

Classic designs never go out of style.  This green wool gabardine suit was made by my grandmother for my Mom in the 1940’s.  Notice the hemline and how it is still even after over 60 years.  The design too is classic which is why Mom was able to wear this suit many times over the years.  She was in her late 80’s when this photo was taken.  The suit now fits my daughter.     This is another classic suit, made in the 1980’s from wool flannel with a silk charmeuse shell.  Just by changing the blouse from a shell to one with an attached scarf or collar and the suit looks new.   Note on both suits that the hem was set according to what looks best on my Mom’s leg and with the white wool suit, what looks best on me.   This particular classic style worked for me because I was in the Custom Sewing business and needed to always wear something that I had made.  I often wore off white or shades of off white to business meetings and appoointments.  My business card was off white and had its own envelope in the same off white and was sealed with a burgandy wax seal.  The blouses and accessories I often wore with my white suits were burgandy.  I also had burgandy suits with white blouses.  Yes, people remembered me by my business card design that coordinated with the colors I wore.   With summer almost here and travel plans being made, packing is much easier with classic clothing: Travelite classic tips: Clothing for women « The Travelite FAQ http://www.travelite.orgTue, 07 Dec 2010 01:09:18 GMT [Travelite classic tips are updates to my published articles available at the archive pages.] Clothing. Clothing is probably the toughest for anyone who wants to learn how to travelite. The two biggest tips to packing the right …   More on classic style and your classic style in the next several days.   Enjoy! Judith