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Red Leather Dye

After searching through websites, I found one that was easy to understand and therefore can you please help me. I have a three and two seater settee in red (Linda Barker line) and I am looking to purchase a red leather dye to make this nice and shiny again. Can you help me. Hi Kathleen,Leather is not really my things, but I can refer you to See what they,Jennifer

Anyway To Shrink My Hat?

Hi, I purchased a Baseball cap that is 20% Wool and 80% Acrylic and it’s just a tad to big, is there any way to shrink this just a little? Any help would be appreciated as when I wear it, it makes my ears stick out really weird. Thanks BobbiSue Dear BobbiSue: Get yourself a piece of self stick 1″ Velcro available in your local fabric or craft shop. Run it around the inside of the cap. This should fill the space between the cap and your hair. Make sure to use the soft side of the Velcro, not the “hook” side. Play Ball! and Good Luck, Andy

Color Cotton White Dresses

Hi Jen – I purchased 2 identical white cotton dresses for the renewing of my vows on the beach in Jamaica in a couple of weeks. I wanted to dye my dress an ivory color and my daughter’s dress a royal blue color. These colors will match the colors of the “Hawaiian” shirts that I purchased for my husband and son. Is dying these dresses this something I can do easily on my own (I’ve never done before) or should I have a professional do it? Hi Betsy, In fact, no dry cleaning establishments provide dyeing services, and there are only a couple of places in the country that do it. Check out : www.fabricdyeing.comBefore doing anything, please read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101. Dyeing is a warm water process, so the dresses must be able to take warm water and agitation. In addition, the thread and any trim, like zippers, will not dye at all. many blessings to your renewal!! Jennifer

Silk Wedding Dress

I have a silk wedding dress that comes with a sash. I want to see if I can get the sash dyed light blue. Is there anywhere I can go to get this done? I live in San Mateo, CA but am willing to travel around the Bay Area to get it done. Any information you can give me on this would be appreciated. Thank you. Leslie HI Leslie, Does the sash come off? If so you might be able to do it yourself using Rit or the reactive dyes from Alternatively you can contact Sherry at and see what she says. She is located in the Santa Cruz area and has clients from all over the world. If the sash doesn’t come off, you cannot dye it. best and happy wedding, Jennifer

Dyeing Levis Jeans

I would like to dye a pair of Levis back to a darker color. I have often dyed denim, but I want the Levis label in the back (with the size) to remain unchanged, as well as the red tag on the rear pocket. I was wondering if I could paint them with paraffin to prevent the dye from working on those areas. Do you think this has any hope of working? Thank you! Dear Shana, you could try it. In general, tags are made of polyester which will not take dye. I don’t know about the size tag, it might stain slightly. Dharma Trading Co sells products made to contain or resist dyes, called “resists.” You could check those out too! best, Jennifer

Do I Need An RN For My Cltohing?

Andy I am debuting my new line at magic in Vegas next month. I want to make sure I have everything completed. do I need an RN number for our clothing? and how do I get one in CA? anything else you can point out would be great. thanks Dear Patrick: Good luck on your debut at MAGIC. I hear that it is a great show. Bring plenty of business cards. I know that I’ve run out at times, and it is always a problem getting new ones made while you are trying to concentrate on selling. You will need an RN eventually, so you may as well start the paperwork. Visit the government’s web site at You should be able to apply on line. MAGIC also has an area for textiles. Try walking through there either before or after your show, to get to meet some of the vendors there. You never know who you’ll meet. Go with an open mind and have fun. The business will follow. Listen to your customers. They will guide you in your next line. Good Luck, Andy

Dyeing a Tencel Blouse

Hi, I have a tencel blouse that I wore one time, and got something on it. Is it possible for me to dye this a darker color then it is? Any special recommendations? I have dyed fabric before, but not tencel. Thanks HI Lori, Tencel is similar to rayon, so it can be dyed. I don’t suggest Rit, however. Get a copy of the catalog from and study the instructions for the reactive dyes. If you want to have someone do it, you can contact the following dye houses that will do individual garments: www.fabricdyeing.combest, Jennifer