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Lightening Silk

I recently purchased my wife a silk wrap/stole from eBay, it was advertised as color “cream” unfortunately when it arrived it is more like a yellow color, is it possible to lighten this. Dear John, I wouldn’t risk any attempt at color remover on this. Sorry, Jennifer

Cotton/Polyester – White To Red

Is there anything I can use to dye a white cotton/polyester mix jacket to bright red? Thanks Nadia Dear Nadia, No, you can’t get it to bright red, although you might be able to get it to pale red or pink. Please read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101 for more information. Write back if you have more questions! best, Jennifer

Restoring Color

Jennifer, is there any way to restore color to a special printed hanky that has been left in bleach a little too long. It didn’t affect some colors but some black color has faded. I suppose it is irreversible. Yours truly, Dot Dear Dot, I don’t know any way to restore it. Sorry. Jennifer

Leather Dyeing

I have a DKNY leather purse and I am not crazy about the pale pink color and would like to change it to a dark chocolate. The tag reads as follows: color code/159, color/pale and ‘distressed nappa’ is printed on it as well. I am not sure if ‘distressed nappa’ describes the leather but, it is very smooth, soft and supple. On close inspection of the leather it appears to be painted. There appear to be some cracks on the color. Is it possible to re-dye leather or do I have to paint it? Thank you, Edy Dear Edy, Leather dyeing is not my strong point, so I can’t answer definitively. Take the bag to a full service shoe repair place and see what they say. Most of those places do leather dyeing and also sell leather dye for DYI. best, Jennifer

Dyeing Linen Dress

How can I dye a linen dress that says wash in cold water and the dye says use very hot water to dye? Thanks, Bonnie Hi Bonnie, please read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101 for basic information. Write back if you have more questions! best, Jennifer

Vintage Painted Tees

Hi, I would like to know what types of paints could be used for shirts. The new hip styles are vintage painted tees, and I would like to create some of my own. What type of paint do they use? Joel Dear Joel, go to and have a fun time. They carry all kinds of paints for fabric and supply a lot of information on how to achieve the effect you want. best, Jennifer

Prevent Shedding

Hi Andy — always enjoy reading your Q&A. Happened to notice the question about storing angora sweaters. The best way, believe it or not, is in the fridge; prevents shedding and keeps hair soft and fuzzy. Place in a brown paper bag and put in plastic bag as an odor barrier. These were manufacturer’s instructions from 1940s-50s. I never had any problems and sweaters always looked fresh and new and smelled great.Joan ( Vintage Fabric Columnist) Dear Joan: Thanks for the information on the Angora. I’d rather keep my sweaters in a cedar chest. Then there’s more room in the fridge for BEER! Good Luck, AndyYeah, right! Just a typical male answer. 😀 The only problem with wood storage is that acid will build up and eat into wool and specialty hairs unless items are protected first with archival wrappings. But you have a point about room for beer; difficult to argue that one. Have a great day.Joan