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Mildew Spots And Stains On My Blanket

Andy – My mother-in-law has blankets from the early part of the last century (we think) which appear to be cotton with wool sandwiched between and tied with yarn. We use them at our cabin. Unfortunately, one of the younger generation took the blanket out to the campfire to get warm and left it out all night in the rain. Then my brother-in-law, not knowing that he was making the situation much worse, bundled it up in a plastic bag and brought it home. My sister-in-law laid it out in the sun to dry, but now there are pink stains, which may be dye from the wool in between, and mildew spots. Do you have any suggestions on how to correct this disaster before we have to ‘fess up to my mother-in-law? Sincerely, Sarah and Nancy Dear Sarah & Nancy: Contact a museum curator in your town, or nearby. They usually have the information on preserving antique blankets. You might want to consider donating it to the museum. There it can be loved and cared for. Think then, of how your mother-in-law, will react. Good Luck, Andy

Baby Wool Blanketing

Dear Andy, I’m looking for a baby wool blanketing, Doctors Flannel manufacturer/ wholesaler in order to import these materials to Poland. Could you give a hint how to find them? Thank You, Dagmara Dear Dagmara: What we found when we searched is that Doctor’s Flannel is merely a light weight flannel. Some folks refer to this as Cashmere Cotton. We did find a source here in the US. Try calling Spechler/ Vogel in New York City at 212-564-6177. Good Luck, Andy

Dyeing Satin Darker

Hello Jennifer. I am bit flustered at my situation; I found the perfect dress for my best friend’s wedding. I will be her maid of honor and she allowed me to pick my own dress as long as it was chocolate color. The dress I fell in love with is dark brown and satin. Is there a way I can have it professionally dyed without having it ruined? I saw that it requires an acid dye, will it damage the material? I also figured that it should be relatively easy making it darker, would I still be taking a chance? Heartbroken and disappointed, Heidi Dear Heidi, I am sorry, you can’t dye this dress. Try searching on eBay for the color you want. Please read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101 for more info! best, Jennifer

Dyeing Sheer Curtains

I have never dyed anything before, and I am looking to dye white sheer curtains to purple. I have no clue where to start??? Do I do this in the tub, sink, washer? Is there a simple step by step on this process?? Please help a beginner! Thanks, Laura Dear Laura, Start by reading my article on Fabric Dyeing 101. best and have fun! Jennifer

Inexpensive Veil

I have been looking for an inexpensive veil for my wedding in November. Several craft stores have a nice selection, but none in ivory. Would you recommend dyeing it? Any product suggestions? I am relatively crafty, but don’t really know where to start. Any advice would be helpful. Holly Holly, are you going to construct the veil yourself from nylon tulle? We have a nice selection of colors right here at store! Tulle can be dyed, but I don’t recommend that you try it for your first project. Blessings to the wedding, Jennifer

Were To Get It Printed

Hi Andy, My girlfriend and I are avid scrap bookers wanting to start our own paper line except using fabric as our paper. We are unsure of the process it takes to stiffen a piece of fabric to use like a piece of paper. Would it be more cost effective to use a liquid stiffening process or a paper backing process? How do we go about finding a fabric manufacturer who would be willing to print our designs? OR would be willing to let us use their fabric and designs. We have all these ideas, but we are at a loss of where to start, any info you can supply to us with would be ever so greatly appreciated!!!! Thank You for your time, Wendy Dear Wendy: These are all great questions. First, I think that you need to do some more research. We recently, came across a company, while exhibiting at The Special Event Show that can laminate fabric to paper. Visit their web site I’d also suggest you work with a consultant in the craft and paper industry that may be able to guide you along the path. Maureen Barten can be reached by writing her at She has many years of knowledge in the market you are trying to go into. Consider attending the upcoming Craft and Hobby Industry (wholesale) trade show. It opens February 12 in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit their web site at We look forward to seeing you there. We will be in booth 3125. Come by and say hello. Good Luck, Andy

Cotton Velvet Slipcover

Hi, Jennifer. I have a Pottery Barn slipcover that is a dirty sand color. I would like it to be a deep chocolate or espresso color. The cover is cotton velvet. Do you know of a professional company that does slipcover dyeing? I really would appreciate your advise. Thank you. Mary Hi Mary, Sherry at can help you with this. best, Jennifer