Napkin fabric for screen printing?

Hello,   What type of fabric do you suggest for napkins?  Not just fiber, but weave also?  I may want to print or silkscreen on them.  I prefer an all natural fiber and would even prefer organic or sustainable fibers. Do you know of some resources for wholesale bolt/roll organic fabric?  Or could you point me in a direction to look-besides google-which I have done. Thanks By: Cathi Tristani

Types of Polyester Fabrics?

I am doing research on all the different types of Polyester Fabric.  I am a clothing designer and am designing a performance competitor t shirt using 100% polyester.  I would like all the information on all of the Polyester fabrics.  Everytime I try to do the research on a type of polyester I always discover a new one.  Please advise me on all the in and outs of the different types.  I know there are many. By: Tim

Strength of linen yarn?

When weaving with linen yarn, we using linen in weft and while tucking in, it is not getting bend ( using pneumatic tuck in ) so in fabric we get “tails out” as linen is strong and not flexible it will not go inside the tuck in of fabric. So please suggest how to make linen yarn soft. we are using cones of 500 grams in weft. Please advise By: PRASAD M G N

Looking for a fabric combo?

Looking for spandex on one side which is most likely the out side and latex from the inside.  But I want the material to be one fabric not two.  In other words, I need two materials in one, to be incorporated. Do you know if there is anything like it? Thanks MM By: MARIBEL MAYORGA

Lunch bag material?

Hello I am trying to make washable insulated lunch bags for a fundraiser. I have looked into maybe trying neoprene but it seems like it is a difficult material to work with. Any recommendation. By: Anila

Best, softest and most comfortable fabric / Cotton to paint original painting on and with what type of piant?

Hi, we have an art project and would like to paint original paintings ( wild, expressionist..) on the softest, coolest, most comfortable, non elastic, white ( cotton ) fabric. What kind of fabric would you suggest ( Swiss or Egyptian cotton maybe ) or some different kind of fabric ? Oh and yes, we found acrylic paint to paint on cotton that is washable but maybe you know of some special kind or branch of paint that one could use to make wild strikes with brushes on the fabric and that could be treated in a way to become permanent, even if washed. Thank you kindly, Eric-Jan. By: Eric-Jan Harmsen

Is this a vintage fabric?

I just found a huge piece of fabric in a bag with an outfit that belonged to my Mother. The outfit is from the late ’50s or ’60s. I was wondering if the fabric was also from that era. My mother was not a seamstress so I assume she purchased it at one time to have curtains or something made for me since I was a tomboy. It has printing around the edges: “COLOR STYLED WITH DUPONT SAVALUX FAST COLORS SCOTCHGARD PRESHRUNK RESIDUAL SHRINKAGE DOES NOT EXCEED 3% TEST CCC t 191 A” The fabric has a cream background with brown and gray horses as the design. Any information that you can tell me will be most appreciated. Thank you! Judy By: Judy