Pilling of Wool Silk Blend?

Hello Experts  I have a brand new Hart Shaffner Marx Sport Coat, about 50 50 wool silk blend, bought yesterday.  I see in the light pills everywhere.  Is this normal, or should I return it?  Would it be acceptable to use my fabric “shaver” to remove the pills, and if I do, would it weaken the fabric and/or cause even more pills in the future?  It’s interesting to have such a well known, made in USA brand, have so many pills.  Aparently evenly spread across the jacket, not in wear points.  Thank you very much for any advice you can offer.  James Rispoli

By: james rispoli

One Response to “Pilling of Wool Silk Blend?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi James,
    The pilling has nothing to do with the brand of your jacket. Pilling is caused when two fibers are spun together and one fiber has short fibers (wool), the other has long, stronger fibers (silk). As the short fibers are sluffed off they are “collected” by the longer, stronger fiber and pills are formed. You can use your shaver to remove the pills, this shouldn’t weaken the fabric.

    Hope this helps!