Source for dyeing favorite jeans?


Hi – I’ve botched my favorite jeans by trying to dye them back to original color using Rit “navy blue” dye.  It turned them a horrible violet-blue!  Can you recommend a source for me that can remove the violet & re-dye them to deep blue?  I live in Atlanta but can ship these anywhere.

Thank you!!

By: Jenny McMillin

One Response to “Source for dyeing favorite jeans?”

  1. Jennifer Thompson Miller says:

    Hi Jenny,
    This is a tough fix. You can contact Sherry at http://www.fabricdyeing.com; or you can get Rit Dye Remover & try lifting the color you put it (caveat, you may end up with no color or a very pale blue). You can also go to http://www.dharmatrading.com & peruse all the tools & dyes they carry. Read all instructions carefully.