Specialty Sports fabrics?

Hi there, I am a design student working on a prototype for a sports glove.  The essence of the glove, at least of the part that this search concerns, is that it is an ergonomic, well-fitted glove for contacts stick sports like hockey, lacrosse, etc.  That is, I am looking for lightweight (to allow for ergonomic fit and ‘barehand sensation’), durable fabrics that would also be ideal for gripping sticks and bats.  An example of what I am looking for would be the fabrics used in the palm side of racquetball gloves.  Do you have any ideas?  I would be happy to order such fabrics from your business if there are any that fit this criteria.

By: Tucker Chambers

One Response to “Specialty Sports fabrics?”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Tucker,
    What you want is a fabric called grip tight or non-slip fabric. There are very many manufacturers as well as sprays you can apply yourself. Semtex I believe is one of them. You can always use the fabric finder here on Fabrics.net. I don’t have a lot of experience with this particular kind of fabric but have seen it so know what it is. Google non-slip or gripping fabrics and you’ll find more than you’ll know what to do with. Hope that helps.