Strength of linen yarn?

When weaving with linen yarn, we using linen in weft and while tucking in, it is not getting bend ( using pneumatic tuck in ) so in fabric we get “tails out” as linen is strong and not flexible it will not go inside the tuck in of fabric. So please suggest how to make linen yarn soft. we areĀ using cones of 500 grams in weft. Please advise


One Response to “Strength of linen yarn?”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Prasad,
    This is a tough question and a little outside my realm of experience. As far as I know softening the yarn itself would be a chemical process. I’ve always found it easy to soften linen after it is already in fabric form. Doing so before weaving is usually at the yarn producers end. Maybe look into a different weight yarn to achieve the feel you want?