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Wholesale Fabric

Dear Andy, buying fabric wholesale is a very confusing and difficult thing to do! Where does one start? Marti Marti: First figure out the type of fabric you need, then plan on visiting the wholesalers that sell the fabrics you need. If you need a lot of fabric, plan on attending a national trade show for the types of fabric you purchase. Sit down with a salesperson, and let them know about your business. They can recommend fabrics that will suit your needs. Get references from them. As with any purchase, Buyer Beware. Take notes, get prices, compare prices, and buy with the idea that you may make some mistakes. Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to you. Happy Shopping and Good Luck, Andy

Treating Adhesive On Suede

Andy: I just realized after 4 months my new washable suede jacket has adhesive on the back as a result of the store label being applied. How do I treat the adhesive on the suede? My dry cleaner’s said I would have to pay $35.00 and they would send it to a leather care company. I paid almost that much for the jacket! Thanks Donna Dear Donna: Buyer Beware!. Bring the jacket back to the store, or bring it to the dry cleaner. Don’t try to fix it yourself. Good Luck, Andy

Can I Repair Ripped Tulle?

Hi Andy, I bought a beautiful sample wedding dress. The problem is that at I didn’t notice a rip in the tulle skirt until I got home and can’t return it. It is on the top layer and I wanted to know if there is a way to repair ripped tulle or if there is another option. Can I sew the rip or glue it? It’s not horrible and I’ll live with if I have to but would like to see if I can get it repaired. Thanks SA Dear Sahar: Buyer Beware!. It still holds true today. Maybe more than ever. You cannot repair your tulle skirt. What you can do is buy some new tulle and attach it to the dress. You will be very happy with the result. Good Luck, Andy