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Wholesale Fabric

Dear Andy, buying fabric wholesale is a very confusing and difficult thing to do! Where does one start? Marti Marti: First figure out the type of fabric you need, then plan on visiting the wholesalers that sell the fabrics you need. If you need a lot of fabric, plan on attending a national trade show for the types of fabric you purchase. Sit down with a salesperson, and let them know about your business. They can…

Treating Adhesive On Suede

Andy: I just realized after 4 months my new washable suede jacket has adhesive on the back as a result of the store label being applied. How do I treat the adhesive on the suede? My dry cleaner’s said I would have to pay $35.00 and they would send it to a leather care company. I paid almost that much for the jacket! Thanks Donna Dear Donna: Buyer Beware!. Bring the jacket back to the store, or bring it to the…

Can I Repair Ripped Tulle?

Hi Andy, I bought a beautiful sample wedding dress. The problem is that at I didn’t notice a rip in the tulle skirt until I got home and can’t return it. It is on the top layer and I wanted to know if there is a way to repair ripped tulle or if there is another option. Can I sew the rip or glue it? It’s not horrible and I’ll live with if I have to but would like to see if I can get it repai…

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