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One Day Deal at Woot – Singer Sewing Machine/Serger Combo for Half Price!

This looks like a great deal, but I haven’t used this model before. Can someone tell me their experience with this combo, is it good quality and worth $350? Home Shopping Network sells this combo for $699.

Cotton Quality and Pricing

I continually get questions from people who have worked very hard on a project but have been disappointed in the results. Usually it is because of the quality of the fabric or products that they have used. In attempting to “save” money, they have produced a product that is the quality of the fabric that they have purchased. “My question has to do with fabric quality. I am looking for resources on how to determine differences between fabrics and is there really any difference. Why is fabric so much higher priced at quilt stores but less so at the chain fabric stores. Is there really any difference. Sometimes the prints are exactly the same and the manufacturer on the end of the bolt is the same. Can you help me with this question or suggest resources? thank you so much.” As far as your question on quality – that is a hot topic on the professional quilt lists I am on. Textile mills test fabric runs on what they call “griege” goods. Those griege goods end up in Walmarts and other places as flat folds which may or may not be on bolts. Sometimes the griege goods are perfectly fine, sometimes they run or shrink or fade badly in the sun. I wouldn’t voluntarily use griege goods unless it was for something I didn’t care about lasting or staying the same color. Quickly outgrown childrens clothes, for example. This is a very simplistic explanation – for more information you might want to buy a copy of Harriet Hargraves’s From Fiber to Fabric. Does that help? Kris Antique Quilts, Vintage Fabric, Quilt Heritage Books, Reproduction Fabric, Bottle Kits and Quilters Dream Cotton Batting. 169 Main St PO Box 273 Esperance NY 12066 phone: 888-817-6577 fax: 518-875-9401 There is considerable difference in quality of fabric and in general the higher the price the higher the quality. However, there are many other factors which also affect price. Since the question asked is specifically directed at the difference in price between quilt shops and discount fabric stores, I will address this issue. What I have found in shopping discount fabric stores is that if the fabric is first quality, first print goods, the regular retail price will be higher than a quilt shop. This allows the discount operation to then mark the fabric down and still cover their operational expenses. Many of the companies we buy from do not sell to discount operations unless the fabric is either last…
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Color On Suede Jacket Bleed

I can’t believe I found this web sight. What a blessing! I have a new cranberry suede jacket that I wore for the first time last night. When I got home I discovered that the back of the collar had bled onto the back of the silk/poly (?) cream colored shell I had worn underneath. After several hand washing of the neck area, the color seems to be coming off the shell. But I don’t want to go through this every time I wear the jacket. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help. Dear Suzanne, take the jacket back. The retailer should know that it is “crocking,” or rubbing color off, like this. Even if it came from a discount store, I would take it back and file a vigorous complaint. best, Jennifer