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Kid’s blanket fabric unknown, Help?

Hi, I’m the mother of a 4yo kid with autism and severe sensory issues. When he was a baby, an aunt from another coutry sent him a blanket, that he adored since the first second. Since then, there’s absolutely no other blanket that he want to take. He carry it everywhere and don’t sleep without it. The issue is that the blanket is really worned, in a pretty bad shape, and is starting to break apart…

How to identify fabric in damask napkins

I’m wondering whether you can help me identify the fabric used in a set of damask napkins I received. There are no labels! Except a tiny round one that says “Made in Belgium.” They are ivory damask, wtih very narrow hems. The fabric looks and feels a little glossy and slick for a natural fiber (though I’ve never felt actual linen damask, so I can’t say how it compares). It wrinkles whe…

The Great WWI Paris Designer Label Scandal

Which One IS the Toni? I am indebted to author and collector Thelma Bernard whose research serves as the basis for this column. She unearthed the following information from her vast collection of old publications and felt it would have universal interest to vintage garment collectors as well as to collectors of all vintage items. This is Part 1 of a two-part series about fraud, sweatshops and the law in the vintag…

Cotton in weight of Tshirts?

Hi, Please I would like to know the difference between : Ultra cotton, Heavy cotton and Heavy blend.  These expressions are on the labels of Gildan Tshirts. Also  why the weight is mentioned and what does that means in the quality of t shirt. thank you very much for your information Best regards By: Ama Bel …

Apps for my app.

You all know I am a gadget girl right?  Couple of cool things for you to look into.  Ipod touch gets a couple of applications that are for the home sewer.  A few of them are really good.  I have about four, Fabric Stash, Pattern Pall, Fabric Journal, and cloth care.  Fabric stash is good because you can keep track of your fabrics, notions and projects and is free.  Pattern Pall is better.  You can organize a…

Decorative Relief Carving in Wooden Spools

So often we have empty wood thread spools and not the slightest idea of what to do with them. Some [like me] throw them in a storage container and watch them accumulate over the years; some sell them on online auctions or others at their stores often with a birthday candle inserted as a way to decorate them. But here is one clever person whose artist’s eye recognized the potential for ornamentals. And what de…

Fabric Label Basics – The Billboard of a Designer

www.wovenlabelsource.com As a quilter, knitter, recreational sewing buff, or a clothing designer, probably the last thing on your mind is the cloth label that serves as an advertising “billboard” of your work. Whether your needs are simply personal—such as an identifier with your name, or an actual branding statement, many crafter’s and designers often overlook labeling their handiwork until the ver…

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