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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About A Sewing Machine?

Image via Flickr I learned to sew on the treadle machine then switched to a converted treadle machine then a machine that looks more like today’s sewing machines.  At the beginning I thought that if I had a better machine I could sew better until I finally learned that it is the sewing machine operator that creates the magic, not the machine. Learning to use a sewing machine starts with the basic: HowStu…

Professional Sewing Machine Tools Part 1

Fine tuning using professional sewing machine tools Sewing tools are very important part of the sewing process. Although some sewing projects can be completed even without the sewing tools that we will discuss, as you enhance your skills and improve your projects, you will be needing these to make the sewing process simpler and better. You can sew and fine tune your projects with the use of the following sewing too…

Sewing Machine Basics: Sewing Tools

Sewing Machine Basics: Sewing Tools Even if you have the most expensive sewing machine without the basic sewing tools, you may find it difficult to finish your project. Our list is basic so personalize it for your needs. Basic Sewing Tools Pins When choosing your pins, look for smooth, sharp and rustproof pins that can bend without breaking. Most often, these range in lengths from 1/2″ to 1 7/8″.  Us…

How to Buy a Sewing Machine

Whether you are upgrading your sewing machine, or it is your first time to buy, surely you have set your standards on what kind of sewing machine you want. If you have not yet done so, here is how to buy your sewing machine. Buying a Sewing Machine Determine your sewing needs. What specific fabric are you often going to sew? Do you sew only medium-weight fabrics, or going for an upholstery and outdoor gear. Are y…

Sewing Machine Basics Part I

Basics of a sewing machine If you are planning to purchase a sewing machine, or if it is your first time to own one,  it is necessary that you familiarize yourself with sewing machine basics. Here are the things that you should know to handle your machine properly. The Switch. Most sewing machines come with a power switch. This allows you to turn your machine on and off easily. If the one you have doesn’t…

One Day Deal at Woot – Singer Sewing Machine/Serger Combo for Half Price!

This looks like a great deal, but I haven’t used this model before. Can someone tell me their experience with this combo, is it good quality and worth $350? http://www.woot.com/sale/singer-perfect-finish-lcd-sewing-machine-and-serger?utm_source=Daily+Digest&utm_campaign=bfe9fa846f-Daily+Digest+-+20110831+-+Woot&utm_medium=email Home Shopping Network sells this combo for $699. http://crafts-sewing.hsn….

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