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Posts Tagged ‘Soap’

Use and Misuse of Detergent, continued

  Image via Flickr             Textile care and detergents created some interesting discussions in addition to conversations with mothers and which detergents to use. ¬†Performance fabrics which are found in sports apparel also require knowledge of laundery equipment and products.Pearl Izumi Women’s Barrier Convertible Jacket,Green Flash,Large … pearlwomensbarriercon…

Synthetic Surfactant or Soap?

Provided by High Tech Detergent You may well ask why soap, which served well for so many years, was eventually displaced. Soaps are cheap and they are manufactured from a renewable source, whereas many of the synthetic detergents are made from petrochemicals. Soaps are also biodegradable; that is, they are readily broken down by bacteria, and thus they do not pollute rivers. However, due to their gelling propertie…

More Q & A on Soaps and Detergents!

Why are there oil spots on freshly dried clothes? Why does ordinary shampoo sometimes clean better? What is Soap? What is Detergent?” The first question is probably about the spots caused by fabric softener, and I’ve come across info about that in your Fabric Care article. That article attributes the spots to the softener sheets, but I first encountered the spots on polyester garments in the days when …

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