The difference between Ralph Lauren T Shirts and Hanes T Shirts?


I’m going to try to be opening up my own clothing line soon and was wondering something..When I look at Polo Ralph Lauren’s T shirts, they say they are 100% cotton. I look at a Hanes T shirt and it says 100% cotton also. When I wear either shirt, I can totally tell a differnce though. The Ralph Lauren shirt is much more comfortable, softer, and just of higher quality than the Hanes T shirt. Do you know why this is?

By: Tom Kuegler

3 Responses to “The difference between Ralph Lauren T Shirts and Hanes T Shirts?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Tom

    You have answered your own question. The difference between the two cotton knits is the quality.


  2. Jackie says:

    Tom – here is a different way to look at it – - if you purchase cotton sheets, there is 300 thread count, 500 thread count, 700 thread count, etc. The higher the thread count, the better the quality,and softer the cotton. Or to put it another way, if you purchase a hamburger at McDonalds, or make your own by buying ground beef, you’ll probably notice a difference in the quality and taste of the hamburger. And if the burger were made of Kobe beef (supremely high quality), you’ll notice a difference compared to McD’s or homemade. Hope that makes sense. It sounds like you need to educate yourself on fibers and fiber quality, especially if you are planning to dive into the clothing manufacturing business. Good luck!

  3. Textile Aid says:

    100% cotton t-shirts are comparetively more comfortable than other fiber blending cloths but fineness of yarn is the key factor for feeling comfortable to the wearer. To produce high quality yarn from quality cotton fiber then that fiber will be higher in count such as 60Ne, 80Ne or 100Ne. Anyway may be there is fiber and yarn quality issue to make the two t-shirts different.