Types of Cotton Sheets?

I’m trying to buy really soft cotton sheets and the seller can’t answer my questions.

Sheets are often noted as pima cotton, supima cotton, Egyptian cotton, and sateen.  Completely aside from thread count (which indicates quaility but not necessarily softness).  Which cotton fabric is the softest weave?



By: Jodi Benson

One Response to “Types of Cotton Sheets?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Jodi,
    You are right to question the seller of cotton sheets. Pima Cotton should be cotton that has a longer fiber and thus the sheets would be smoother. I have had very good luck with Supima Cotton night gowns and shirts. Cotton sateen sheets are my favorite but that is a personal opinion and your experience may vary.

    I wrote about the types of cotton sheets “Facts to consider when buying sheets” at http://info.fabrics.net/facts-consider-buying-sheets/

    As long as I have studied fabrics and searched for the perfect answer about cotton sheets, I still haven’t come to any conclusions about which sheets are THE perfect soft cotton sheets. My suggestion is to open the package of sheets and feel the sheet to make sure it is as soft as you would like. Some sales people will tell you that the sheet will soften as it is laundered but it takes many washes for a harsh cotton sheet to soften to any great degree.

    If you are shopping online, make sure the sheets you purchase can be returned for credit.

    Wish I had the perfect answer but hope this helps!