Types of Polyester Fabrics?

I am doing research on all the different types of Polyester Fabric.  I am a clothing designer and am designing a performance competitor t shirt using 100% polyester.  I would like all the information on all of the Polyester fabrics.  Everytime I try to do the research on a type of polyester I always discover a new one.  Please advise me on all the in and outs of the different types.  I know there are many.

By: Tim

One Response to “Types of Polyester Fabrics?”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Tim,
    First things first. You need to ask yourself what you want your t-shirt to do? Narrow it down. New fabrics are being made everyday. If you try to compile everything you’ll never get to the production. What do you want your t-shirt to do for the wearer? How do you want it to breath? Do you want it to be soft? How flexible do you want it? Do you want it to wick away sweat? Then start matching up weaves and fiber combinations that will do what you want. Then you can start to catagorize the end product with the price you want to pay for it. Narrow your needs down and then you’ll find the fabric you want. And don’t forget to get samples. If it doesn’t feel good to wear, it won’t get worn.
    Hope that helps.