Value of Brainerd Armstrong 100% silk thread 50 yds?

Hi, this is new territory for me. My mother asked me to find out what the value of the antique thread she recently acquired. I have searched the web with no answers. I have found many other items with the Brainerd & Armstrong logo but nothing like what she has. They are 100% silk 50yd wooden spools in like new condition. I hope you can help me. Thanks for you time, Mary

By: Mary

One Response to “Value of Brainerd Armstrong 100% silk thread 50 yds?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Mary,

    There isn’t a book that lists the value of thread, sorry. I have seen times when the wooden spool is valued at more than the spool with thread. It sounds like you have already checked on eBay to see if the spools are even listed for sale. The cold reality is that the spools that your mom has are valued at whatever someone wants to pay for them. You could always determine a value your Mom is comfortable with and list them on eBay with the reserve fixed where your Mom is comfortable with and see if people will comment and help you determine the value.

    Wish I could help more!