What materials do I need?


I want to make a white dress (probably above the knee or knee length) for my college graduation but I am not sure if the materials I want to use are appropriate. What fabrics will you suggest?? I want lace for the sleeves since I think of a tube or heart shaped top then chiffon/georgette fabric for the lower part/skirt since I want the dress to flow and the only thing that comes to my mind is pleats.  Aside from that, do you have any suggestions of how to make it elegant?

PS.. please I dont what it to look like a wedding/bridesmaid dress..

Thank you in advance=))

By: mary charlotte

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Mary Charlotte,
    I tried answering this the other day but lost connection. So sorry for the late reply. Here it is though. First go to your local fabric store and scan through the pattern books in the dress sections for something that comes closest to your idea. The back of the pattern will give you a list of materials for best use. I would stick with something light. Bamboo rayon is really nice, light and comfortable. Cotton comes in an eyelette lace that is nice. If you use the chiffon make sure to get a rayon lining, it is naturally static free.
    Hope that helps.