Wool Dyeing

woolhi Jennifer,
I came across your site (what a great idea!), and I have a question…
I love the cut of these pants and cannot find anything like them anywhere. I would like to wear them to my 30th birthday party, however, I really really want them to be black. They are charcoal grey…and they are stretch wool (wool with elastane and polyester…or lycra?). Can I dye them with a black Rit dye? (I’m afraid that you’ll say no because of the polyester?) There is a tiny bit of room for shrinkage and they don’t have to be “jet jet black” (I also don’t mind the pinstripe), but I’m ok with them being generally dark/black. as you can see, they’re expensive, but if you think there’s a chance that the dye will work, your advice would be greatly appreciated. Please help, and THANK YOU!!! -M

HI Manali,
I really wouldn’t try this. The trousers are too expensive for an experiment, which is what all dyeing is. Wool dyeing requires HOT water, even on the stove at a simmer type-hot. The polyester part will not take the dye at all, same for the elastane. You risk shrinkage, felting, twisting, and generally coming out with an unacceptable color.
and Happy Birthday,