Dyeing Denim Dark Indigo

indigoHi Jennifer
I have a denim skirt that is pieced with a cotton jacquard, I’m interested in dyeing the denim a dark indigo to get rid of the light shades of sandblasting, but leaving the pieced cotton fabric as is. Is this possible to dye just a section of the skirt?
Many thanks

Hi Marrissa,
well, this is possible, but it’s definitely an advanced dyeing lesson. Traditionally, setting off one color from another is done with a resist, such as wax in a batik design. Get a copy of the catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and study all their products having to do with painting on dye, resists, etc. Write back if you have more questions. While I am not an expert on this sort of dyeing, I can tell you a few things as you proceed.
have fun!

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