Military Coat

armyI stumble across one of your articles on fabrics.net and I have a question for you about dying clothes.
I have a surplus military great coat that’s around 5′ foot in length and of heavy material – there’s no label so I can’t find out what material it is. Its currently a khaki color but I would like it in a brown or black color so it looks a bit more mainstream and modern instead of like a giant military coat.
I’ve been told by one source that it simply isn’t possible, but I thought I’d pop you a line and see what you think. Would bleaching it lighter and then dying be a good route?
I’m a total amateur at this, so all help would be appreciated

Hi Mark,
This is going to be tough to do, but if you want to you can explore the possibility a bit further. You can’t do it yourself, but you could possibly send it to a couple of dye houses to see what they think. They will be able to determine what fiber content it is. Try these:
www.fabricdyeing.com or www.dyeproservices.comBe sure to read my article on Fabric Dyeing 101 before you take any more steps. http://info.fabrics.net/fabric-dyeing-101/ Remember, the coat must be able to withstand warm water and agitation. Plus, the lining and thread will not change in color.

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