Preventing Bleach Stains on Zippers

Dear madam,
I’m a student who is studying garments and fashion design in Hong Kong. I’ve got a project of dyeing a jacket with a zipper at centre front. However, no matter how many times I try, the metallic blading of the anti-brass teeth faded off and the zipper puller is always bleached. I wonder if there is a way of preventing the zipper to be bleached when a whole jacket under dyeing process? Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Best Regards, Ana

Dear Ana,
I really don’t know. It must be something about a chemical reaction of the metal and the dye chemicals. In general, fabric is dyed before it is constructed into garments, so components may not be structured to hold up to the chemical process. Depending on your intended outcome, you could try painting the jacket or maybe a different kind of dye.
good luck,

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