Dyeing Different Shades Of Brown

I ‘think’ I read somewhere that dying certain pastels will produce other colors. What I’m looking for is to dye 100% cotton different shades of tan and brown. I heard that lavender or soft pinks ‘may’ produce tans and browns, but I can’t remember what dye color to use to obtain the new color. I’m making cool ties for the troops and am using 100% cotton from yard sales, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Dear Cara,
You have a wonderful opportunity here to learn fabric dyeing. Get a catalog from www.dharmatrading.com and study it carefully. You can also purchase a color-mixing wheel from them. Then get going and try some stuff. You will have so much fun and create some beautiful stuff among the experiments. I suggest getting some of the following colors of the reactive dyes: dark brown, maroon brown, chocolate brown, brazil nut, and khaki. Try them over the colors that you have and see what you get!

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