Making Tie’s From Silk

Dear Andy,
I am trying to find someone to make men’s ties from my silk fabric. Normally the fabric is about 38″ X 45″. I would need labels sew on and put in plastic sleeves. I have a place in CA but their turn around time is 2 months. I also do Batik yardage for ties and am looking for some masculine Chops Sic .to stamp with. I have some nice floral ones that I would like to trade for something more masculine. I have been using a nice leaf pattern , bicycle gears and transmission gears.
Jennifer Miller gave me your name and would appreciate any information that you could share with me.

Danny: to find a good sewing contractor, visit www.seams.org.
As far as trading fabrics or finding some that you need, register here at Fabrics.Net.
Good Luck, Andy

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