Looking For Large Amounts Of Fabric

I am hoping you can help me. I am starting my own little company here in Colorado and am having a difficult time finding large amounts of the fabric that I need. I have searched for brokers and so forth and feel like I am getting no where. I am sewing hats, and gloves and am mainly looking for 300 weight fleece in Black, Stretch fleece in any solid color, Ultrex or at least something similar but not gortex, Acrylic, rib knit and leather (goat)
Can you please help me?

Thank You, Rob
The best way to buy fabric, is at the source. Attend several, wholesale, fabric trade shows. Visit www.fabricshow.com, and www.textileshows.com, to register to attend. There you will have the best selection of the types of fabrics you need.
Good Luck.

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