’50s Frank Lloyd Wright linen value?

Hello…I have been given two pieces (one about 2 yards by 48″ and the other 20″ by 48″) of linen with the following on the selvage ‘The Taliesin Line of Frank Lloyd Wright Design 101 An Exclusive Schumacher Hand Print’. The fabric appears to be unused but maybe a bit discolored from sitting around. I’ve been researching on line and have found that this was produced starting in 1955. The Art Institute of Chicago has a piece of this fabric in their collection and a photo of it online. Any ideas as to what my fabric might be worth? And, if I decide to keep it, what would be the best method of displaying it? My home dates from 1955 so it would fit right in. I’m trying to find out if this is something I would be better off selling to a collector instead of possibly messing it up trying to use it. Any advice on cleaning this linen would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance….Glenna

By: Glenna Tarango

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  1. Judith says:

    Hi Glenna,

    Value of any textile, vintage or new, is dependant on what anyone will pay. Check with eBay to see what similiar textiles of this age and type are selling for.

    As for cleaning, Joan Kiplinger has extensive information at

    Hope this helps!