600 Year Old Linen Bra Discovery Rewrites Bra History

Until today, it was believed the bra was invented in the last 100 years as women moved away from corsets.   This 15th century bra and other artifacts were found in a dusty vault in an castle in Innsbrook, Austria and now prove that the bra has been around much longer than earlier believed.

Carbon dating proved the bra is from the 15th century, and it looks exactly like modern day bras.  It even includes lace and ornamentation, with standard shoulder straps and evidence of a back strap.  Other details from the article are a mix of educational and humorous:

Also found at Lemberg Castle in Tyrol was a linen undergarment that looks very much like a pair of panties. But Nutz said it is men’s underwear — women did not wear anything under their flowing skirts back then.

“Underpants were considered a symbol of male dominance and power,” she said.

Medieval drawings often show a man and a woman fighting for a pair of underpants in a symbolic battle to see who “wears the trousers” in the family.


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