A Classic Fabric, Wool Melton

Wool Melton is sometimes confused with wool felt but Melton is a plain weave fabric that has been heavily fulled.  Fulling is a process done in the finishing of wool fabric by the addition of moisture, heat, friction and pressure.  The resulting compressed fabric is compact and solid giving the appearance of wool felt.  In heavily fulled and brushed wool Melton, the weave is not apparent and the surface is very smooth.


Image via Flickr

The fulled Wool Melton has both moisture and wind resistant properties and is used in the popular Pea Coat as well as overcoats for both men and women. The heavy wool Melton is also perfect for children’s jackets.


West Coast Indians use Wool Melton for their beautiful ceremonial Button Blankets.

Button Blanket


Wool Melton sews and tailors like a dream!  More specifics next time.

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