A Closer Look at Broadcloth Fabric

There are several types of broadcloth fabric and  can be made of cotton, cotton/polyester blends, silk or wool. But let us take a closer look at wool broadcloth.

Broadcloth (Wool) Characteristics

Wool broadcloth characteristic slightly differs from the other types. It is usually twill with a two up and one down construction. The fabric is fulled after weaving. Fulling is a process where the cloth is cleansed, shrunk and thickened with moisture, heat and pressure. It has a napped face and is closely sheared and polished.

broadcloth fabric

Uses of Broadcloth

Broadcloth was first use in the medieval England during the 11th century. It was the best English cloth and being exported in Europe. In the modern times, wool broadcloth with its felted, velvet-like feel, has been a popular material for many years for men and women’s suits as well as reenactment garments.


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