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One of my favorite fabrics is Malden Mills Polar Fleece.  As I was researching this fabric I found that it is now called Malden Mills Polartec.  If you are wondering why I am writing about a performance fabric usually worn in the colder months, there are other uses for this wonderful fabric.  I made a Polartec blanket for my dog back in 2000 when she was 8 weeks old.  Today the blanket still looks good.  Unlike other polyester fleeces Polar Fleece doesn’t stretch out of shape, doesn’t pill, and maintains its original color.  You can see the red blanket in the photo above with Faith’s puppies enjoying the blanket.

I was impressed with Malden Mills 13 years ago when I was  reading about  the history of Malden Mills.  In 1995 the factory was burned down and the third generation owner of Malden Mills, Aaron Feuerstein, continued to pay the salaries of the 3,000 employees for 6 months while the factory was being rebuilt.

Polartec, the name now used by Malden Mills has so many “feel good” stories!  They are Made in America from recycled products and continue to add more fabrics to their production list.  In addition to these feel good facts, Malden Mills sells yardage to both the home sewer and small manufacturer. Just go to Mill Yardage for the colors and selections available.

Polartec has a wicking action, dries quickly, and many styles have DWR or Durable Water Repellant properties.  These properties are important for sports as well as our armed services.  The newest fabric from Polartec is the Alpha which is lightweight, warm and breathable.  Polartec fabrics combined in Marmot Nabu waterproof jacket – Grough

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Polartec fabrics combined in Marmot Nabu waterproof jacketGroughMarmot’s latest waterproof jacket is the result of another team up with high-tech fabrics from Polartec. The Nabu uses a combination of NeoShell and Power Dry High Efficiency to offer br …


Properties of wicking, warmth, water proof are important for sports and are equally important for things like dog blankets.  Just imagine a blanket that will protect your upholstery as well as your rug.   Other ideas for projects can be found at an earlier article called PolarFleece.   Sewing with Polartec is very easy in fact blankets don’t need to be sewn, just trim the edges.  Polartec blankets are a good project for kids to make during the summer.  More project ideas can be seen at Penny’s Specialty Outdoors.
Judith has been studying and writing about fabrics for over 50 years. Passionate about textiles, she explains that researching is like collecting clues to build the full picture of each subject. Judith always looks for the sunny side of life.

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