A Single Bleach Spot on a Great Dress

I read all your latest questions and answers. I see that tencel is dyeable but I also have the problem of a single bleach spot on a great dress. Does the bleach also affect the dyeing of tencel as it does for denim? Are the dyes offered by Dharma much better than Rit’s products? It seems their instructions are more complex with lots more steps.
I tried the website you listed to have someone else dye a fabric: www.sampledyeing.org/ This does not appear to be a valid link. I tried www.sampledyeing.com also with no better results. Is there a better address?

Dear Jean,
Bleach is a disaster on any fabric. It can’t be over-dyed easily. You can talk to Sherry Smilo at www.fabricdyeing.com for her opinion.
The reactive dyes are very different from Rit dyes. They are much brighter, deeper, more saturated, and color- and light-fast. They have many more color choices and it’s possible to mix colors with great results. Yes, they are a bit more complex to work with but definitely worth it.
Thank you for letting me know about sample dyeing. I don’t know what is going on with them. Perhaps they are no longer in business.

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