A Wool Winning Story

Here are a few fabulous creations made of Wool Flannel, Wool Cashmere Broadcloth and Wool Satin Gaberdine from the  Fabrics.net Store.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

2005 Wool Lead – Jacob (left) and Holly (right) in the 2005 Pee Wee division of the Wool Lead Competition

Wool Flannel in Blue Wool-Flannel-in-Royal.jpg

2004 Wool Lead – Susan created festive riding jacket and chaps for the 2004 Wool Lead Competition. She did not forget her ewe who got a new saddle blanket. Great Job! She used Black Wool / Cashmere Broadcloth with Fuchsia Wool / Cashmere Broadcloth accents.

Wool Cashmere Broadcloth

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Holly selected pink and black wool flannel for her dress. She competed in the Pee Wee division. Isn’t she cute! Holly’s dress was made with Pink Wool Flannel with Black Wool Flannel Trim.

Wool Flannel in Pink and Black

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100% Wool Satin Gaberdine Evening Gown – Susan created this beautiful evening gown out of our wool satin gaberdine for the 2003 Wool Lead competition (senior division) at the county and state fair. She won both County and State competitions!

Wool Satin Gaberdine Wool Satin Gaberdine

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