About Oilcloth

Hi Andy: I want to create a product that requires fabric that can be easily wiped down and washed. I was thinking about oilcloth. How is that made? How can I get my own designs made into oilcloth? Can it be silk-screened? Where can I find large quantities of it in solid colors? I live in Los Angeles so local sources are best, but I can do work via internet as well. Thanks! – Kate in LA

Dear Katherine: Getting custom made Oilcloth is possible, but may require an investment of 10,000 yards, and $20,000. If you are still interested, we can get you a supplier. On the other hand, if you are looking for smaller quantities, there are vinyl coatings that you can apply yourself to smaller quantities of fabric, and have them become “wipe-able”. Visit a local fabric or craft store for the vinyl coating. Good Luck, Andy

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