About Andy Weinstock, Expert Blogger

Andy’s always been in the fabric business. His father was a wholesale distributor of fabrics for apparel and started the family business in 1947. Naturally, Andy became an expert in the trade. His family was often asked to create new prints or add to their current fabrics to make them more fashion-forward. Throughout the decades, Andy’s seen different fashion trends, fabric blends, patterns and techniques evolve. He’s met and worked with countless designers in this ever changing fashion environment.

Andy loves giving back to the industry everyone knows and loves. He feels that some of the Fabrics.net customers’ will become the next big super-star designer label. Andy says, “It’s good to help others. What goes around comes around.”

Andy enjoys working with Fabrics.net. He says, “You have an international range of readers, in diverse areas, all using fabrics for the most basic and also the most obscure end uses. One never knows what questions they will pose that can enlighten all of your readers.”

Besides being a fabric expert, Andy has an appreciation for vintage sports cars. They have design details that make them interesting and unique. It’s the little design details that make them an art form.