About Chris Gridley

Chris’ earliest memory of creating was when he and his brother built go carts and wagons fom 2 X 4’s in their garage. Chris’ Mother remembers him using frozen butter cubes to build a fort in the kitchen. Chris unwrapped each cube and found that as the butter warmed up, the cubes stuck together.

Several of Chris’ grade school age friends had fancy ready-made forts in their yards that Chris found boring. He and his friends built underground extensions for the existing ready-made forts. 

Gridmark Signs was started in 1998 after Chris had worked in the petro field for several years. The enjoyment of creating signs for businesses, Chris says, is the end result when the customer is so pleased with the results.

Chris is close to his family so working with Fabrics.net is fun for him. Chris and his Gridmark staff re-designed the Fabrics.net logo.

Chris enjoys fishing, remodeling his home, bike riding, and spending time with his wife and daughter.