About Jessie Huey, Co-Founder

Jessie  grew up in a house that constantly had fabric and sewing and creating all around.  Her Mom, Judith who was Fine Tailor and Couture, remembers she would send Jessie to the store for thread and she would be able to bring back the exact color needed by memory alone (she would forget to bring the fabric to match).  Jessie’s personal sewing experience started when her Mom bought her an old Singer with a knee pedal for her 8th birthday. The picture of Jessie also displays her Singer and a scrap quilt made by her Great Grandmother Jessie was also involved in the local art fair and teaching other kids to paint when she was 9 or 10.  Since then she has always drawn, painted, and created in one form or another.

Jessie earned her BA in studio art from EWU in 1989. She has operated a successful business creating images, logos and websites for people since 1995.  In 1996 she helped Judith start Fabrics.net where both have worked to develop useful information, reference sources, tools and stores for their visitors.

Jessie describes her feelings about customer service:
“I have always enjoyed making people happy. It is a natural transition to help customers solve problems or find what they are looking for to make them happy. “

Jessie really enjoys Fabrics.net, saying “We create solutions and tools out of a bare canvas. It is challenging and satisfying to supply solutions for an industry that is both dying and growing.”

When Jessie gets a few minutes away from the businesses, she loves to spend time with her 2 sons and husband. They sled, ride 4-wheelers, swim, do puzzles, play music, light bonfires, and go on adventures.