About Kerry Gridley

Kerry doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t interested in creating something. It doesn’t matter what the medium is, as long as it has to do with color or it sparkles, it has her full attention. 

Kerry has been in the customer service field for 20 years. Twelve of those years were in the medical field and ten in the technical field. She is a people person and loves helping everyone who needs her.  She has also had the opportunity to create and design the websites for Hawaii’s largest real estate company. 

Helping customers comes easy to Kerry as she is a people pleaser and she cares about her customer’s needs.  It is her nature to put the customer needs first. 

In working with Fabrics.net, the creative aspect is a huge motivator for Kerry because she has an artistic, creative, adventurous nature. It doesn’t matter what the medium is she believes that people are at their best when they are feeding that need to create. She says, “Canvases come in many forms. Fabrics.net can feed that need to every person looking for high quality luxurious fabric.”  

Kerry says, “I also get to work with my family.  How cool is that? I feel that Judith and Jessie have a wealth of knowledge to share. This is their legacy and am proud they’ve asked me to be a part of it.”

Kerry taught herself how to draw, paint, and make jewelry, losing all sense of time when she is involved in a creative project.

She feels lucky that she and her husband Sam have the same interests. They both enjoy cooking fresh healthy food.  Healthy doesn’t have to be boring and her Hawaiian, Portuguese, Spanish heritage comes in handy in the kitchen. Sam and Kerry love spending time with their family.  They also enjoy traveling, scuba diving, golfing and deep sea fishing.  Their latest hobby is dirt biking.  Kerry’s hooked on this sport.  She absolutely loves it and recently got a beefier bike, a Honda CRF 230F which allows her to out ride the boys sometimes!  “We’re lucky we live in Hawaii.  The weather is warm and perfect all the time.”