About Michele Gridley

Michele loves to write. She started writing poems and kept journals at an early age. Michele says, “Writing helped me through a lot of my teenage angst!” She also has a talent for creating something out of reusable materials. She gets the best deals and finds hidden treasures at yard sales. She finds unique and unusual tiles, and turns them into mosaic artwork. She’s made several table tops and hot pads for the kitchen and shares her creations with her family and friends.

Michele earned a diploma from Interface computer school in 1992 and started a career being an administrative assistant for a computer company. She was responsible for all travel, expense accounts, payroll and a variety of office support functions for approximately 150 people. 

Michele says, “I’ve always enjoyed customer service jobs. When a customer thinks there is no solution to their problem, I love being the one to help them get a great resolution. It makes me feel good when a customer is genuinely pleased with my help.”

 Michele loves working with her family at Fabrics.Net. She’s learned so much about fabrics and has used that knowledge to be an informative seller on eBay for vintage textiles.

Michele loves to read books. It’s a way for her to relax and lose herself in a different world. She loves to read a wide variety of books from vintage, colorful to classics.