About Sam Gridley

 title=Sam loved technology from an early age and was that kid who took everything apart to see what made it work, something Judith didn’t really appreciate when it came to her sewing machines!  Growing up with fabric and sewing everywhere, Sam learned by asking questions and observing.  Now he amazes his wife and others when they see that he can actually still sew!

Sam applied that same inquisitiveness to computers in his early teens which led him to study Management Information Systems and Computer Science in college. He worked in corporate IT for several years then founded and managed his IT consulting company, Intech-Hawaii for 20 years.

When asked about customer service at Fabrics.net, Sam stated:
“I believe that helping people comes back to us all in multiples.  I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people achieve their goals.  It’s one of the main reasons I was drawn to a career in computer support.”

Fabric technology has always fascinated Sam.  He says “Many people don’t know that the roots of computer technology came out of the automation of looms with punchcards in the early 1800’s.  Computers and fabrics have a strong connection that continues to this day.”

Sam and his wife Kerry spend their free time riding off-road motorcycles together on the North Shore of Hawaii.  They also like scuba diving, deep sea fishing and golfing – basically anything with sunshine and blue skies!