most absorbent cotton

Hello! I am going through menopause and perspire often, specifically the facial area. What is the most absorbent material to use? If it’s cotton, is there one cotton better than another?
Thank you.
By: Debi Levine

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  1. Kyle says:

    Hi Debi!

    My name is Kyle and I’m with ExceptionalSheets.com. Your question is one that I hear pretty often at work. While we don’t sell everyday clothes, we do deal with people who are frustrated with waking up in sweat and having to move positions in bed so they don’t have to lay back down in the sweat!
    Egyptian cotton is able wick moisture away from your body pretty well, so we sell a lot of sheet sets for this reason. Also, a good Terry Cloth robe for lounging around the house works great for absorbing moisture.
    Hope that helped! I’m at kyle@exceptionalsheets.com if you have any other questions you think I could help with.